Why Canopy

Everything you need in one place and fully configurable


The Canopy platform allows you to have an entire HR team - right at your fingertips 


     Many medium-sized businesses have a few things in common... Let’s say you had one supervisor for administrative purposes and another for approving timesheets?  Can your system handle that?
Canopy can.

How about one employee who works in two different jobs?  

Canopy can handle that too.

Maybe you want to manage several separate FEIN’s under one database.

We’ve got you covered.


The point is, Canopy is flexible enough to handle the complex situations that are common to a skilled workforce.  You can add fields, tabs or entire screens.  Make your own custom workflows for approvals.


Configure custom alerts.  Use our powerful (included!) report writer (no need to upgrade!) to create, share and schedule an unlimited number of reports using nearly any field in the system including custom fields.


By automating complex processes you can save time and prevent mistakes. 

     Our developers create simple programs, combining multiple tasks, to generate reports and other output specific to your company's needs.

     These custom rules and programs allow the Canopy platform to take on the  tough issues such as accruals, attendance policies, rules-driven alerts, complex workflows, and complicated time tracking.  This will save you time and provide a higher level of accuracy.


Expand your team by relying on your dedicated support representative. 

     Every Canopy client will be provided a live customer support representative available in the United States to offer assistance.
     Your support person will come to know your business needs and processes over time, and will be able to provide continual assistance and anticipate future needs.


Eliminate paper and duplicated data entries by consolidating all Human Resources data.

     With Canopy, you can input, track, and create reports using human resources data from multiple sources.  Upload documents and transfer data from other applications, and use Canopy to integrate with other applications like Microsoft Office 365. And, if your business requires a specific field for information - simply add it.


Reduce your current cost moving away from outdated HR systems.

     Canopy is low-cost and proud of it. Our pricing is simple and straightforward. 
     All major HR functions are covered in our suite for as little as $5 per employee with additional discounts for annual payments and non-profit organizations.


Protect your most important asset:
your data.

     With Canopy, you can avoid vendor lock-in and stay in control of your data.  Our unique model allows you to own your HR data and keep possession of it - even if you stop using our software.  
     We don’t limit data histories and our subscribers can freely use our APIs in our base package.


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