Frequently asked questions

What happens to my data when I move my HR to the cloud?

Potential clients are often concerned about their data, and rightly so. Most companies have years or even decades of human resource and other information stored and they would like to keep that data archived and for future use. As part of the migration from desktop to cloud, all accumulated human resource information can be moved and made accessible, including histories in the five most common areas of HR: Employment, Pay, Attendance, Training, and Performance.

Who will have access to and control of all of my important information?

Though this is a concerning, complicated question, with Canopy, there is a simple answer: The data is yours. You are in complete control of your company's information, and you will not be charged or penalized for exporting your data if you decide to leave and take your data with you.

Can I keep my reports?

The second most common question is concerning report writing admins have created and used for their company. The Canopy web report writer is similar to those used in many desktop HR programs and many generated reports will be uploaded and migrated to the Canopy cloud based system. And, in most cases, our clients have found that building reports in the Canopy cloud software is easier and offers more features than the desktop version.

Will my data be safe with Canopy?

The web application is in the Amazon Cloud and uses the latest security protections to keep your data safe and secure. The application runs in a Virtual Private Cloud which keeps it from being exposed to the general internet. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transmission. Also, unlike your local installations, data in the cloud is easily recoverable if anything were to happen.

What about additional features?

Canopy offers a variety of additional features including onboarding, recruiting, eectronic timesheets, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, safety administration, training administration, licenses and certifications and, of course, a powerful ad hoc report writer. All of these applications come with your Canopy web upgrade, saving you thosands compared to individual modules offered by other singularly-focused HR software programs.

Can I customize my software?

Yes! Add fields, change fields, build your own custom screens, create automated workflows, create alerts and, of course, create reports. We also frequently customize applications specifically for unique client requirements.

How long does it take to incorporate Canopy Software to my company?

It depends on how much you want to do! A simple install of the basics may take around 60 days. However, many clients prefer to install applications individually and over time. This method allows employees to get to know each module and become comfortable over time and practice. However you manage your Canopy installation, a support representative will be with you every step of the way.

Can I restrict employee access to Canopy applications?

Yes. Cannopy HR software offers a role-based security model. Administrators can define as many roles as needed, allowing a variety of capabilities nd inaccessible features, depending on the user. For example, administrators may define which screens, links, or fields are viewable or editable based on the level of access applied. This security feature also applies to reports.


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