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     Canopy is an Atlanta, GA-based software company, with additional support staff in the mid-west and on the west coast. Canopy has a lot of experience, and some of our products have been in production for over 20 years. We are continuously innovating in areas like mobile and IoT (Internet of things).  We continue to do our best to keep customers at the forefront of managing the skilled workforce.


     Canopy provides a complete suite which includes the core functions of HR: Time & Attendance, Talent Management, Payroll, Benefits, and Reporting - all at one reasonable, fixed price.  The unique and flexible platform allows clients to add

third-party applications.  We work directly with clients to create innovative features, which serve their individualized needs within a variety of industries.  


     The typical Canopy client employs between 150 and 1500 employees, many in "middle-skilled" positions  We support employees in the field, in the plant, or in the office, in industries like construction, manufacturing, home healthcare, hospitals and clinics, police and fire departments, local government, schools, and nonprofit organizations.   

  • Each Canopy client is assigned a dedicated support representative.

  • Canopy CoreHR is a complete suite at one reasonable price, no upgrades needed.

  • Canopy products allow users to configure solutions to meet their needs.

  • At Canopy, we believe our clients should own their data and choose how to use it.

     Canopy supports complex organizations, position structures, and work rules.  We are all about flexibility.   We strive to stand out against rigid systems that lock up your data and force you to do HR their way.

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Phone: 888.414.8853

655 Highland Ave NE, Studio 3,
Atlanta, GA 30312


Tel: 888.414.8853

655 Highland Ave NE,
Studio 3,  Atlanta, GA 30312

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